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NYCE represents a select number of intelligent, success-driven technologies and services that deliver measurable revenue growth and operational efficiency to gaming companies. Via our global network, NYCE accelerates the sales process for the companies we represent, facilitating conversations at only the highest levels.
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Harmen Brenninkmeijer
managing partner

The Team

Harmen Brenninkmeijer

Managing partner
He has been at the forefront of the development of the gaming industry for almost 30 years. He is an experienced entrepreneur and executive and has founded successful technology, distribution and operations-led companies and as well as his own companies, he has driven the international growth of numerous independent companies with products and teams he has believed in.

Stelios Michaelides

Chief financial officer
An analytical, influential and internationally-minded Chief Financial Officer with extensive experience in turning around companies through Transformational Business Development Programmes, Change Management and a keen eye for implementing cost-effective methods, increasing production, profits and performance.

Mishja Van de Linden

Global head of sales
A seasoned entrepreneur and a natural networker, Mishja has decades of experience in the financial services industry. Fulfilling multiple roles across the industry has given him a wealth of experience and the perspective to understand a business from start to finish. With a keen sense for business development and the ability to find creative solutions, he has been instrumental in bringing about sales growth for multiple companies.

Ffinlo Martin

Head of operations
Experienced in improving operations for innovative companies across iGaming, Blockchain, Sales, and more. Working in-depth with global teams to efficiently generate results, bring new products to market, and grow revenue. Focus on bringing about improvements to processes across operations, product development, game development, marketing, and sales.

Ewa Kazmierska

She is a forward-thinking leader in the gambling and casino industry, acclaimed for her strategic prowess in platform development and operational management. Ewa is experienced introducing vital efficiency improvements for cutting-edge B2B gaming companies to facilitate market expansion. Her dual expertise in both platform innovation and operational efficiency marks her as a dynamic executive adept at steering organizations to new heights in the competitive gambling sector.

Onelia Paludi

Latam manager
With more than 15 years of experience in the gaming industry, Onelia Paludi is a professional who has excelled in government agencies and industry controllers, as well as in renowned multinational companies. Her career has led her to work in areas such as personnel management, consulting, organization, strategy, development, negotiation, closing of deals, and more. An expert in the Argentinean market, and with extensive contacts throughout the whole of LATAM, Onelia is ideally placed to support business growth throughout the region.

Xanthi Chrysanthou

payment specialist
Xanthi Chrysanthou is a global sales and marketing expert focused on results, with more than 15 years of significant expertise in business consulting for the forex, iGaming, financial services, and technology industries. Xanthi has achieved high levels of success across digital marketing campaigns, business development, and increasing sales revenues using an integrated customer centric approach. Now focused on offering industry-leading payment solutions through an extensive network and various marketing channels to the global forex market and beyond.

Hansi Asiredano

Operations Team Member
Extensive operational and business development experience from within several categories including sports betting software development, games development, product development, business planning, strategy, commercial development, marketing and contract negotiation. Experienced raising capital related to Venture Capital, M&A and via debt markets.

Mark Bercero

Operations Team Member
Years of experience in customer support with in-depth product knowledge to effectively give clients best services needed. Worked as a telemarketing agent in a Singapore based accounting software company. Part of a global team in Japan that served the community to bring hope and support to various needs. Focus on operations support, process improvement and sales.

Phillip T.T Wong

Philip T.T. Wong is an experienced CEO/GM/CFO executive with more than 25 years experience in the industry. He is actively involved in multiple industries, incl. Hong Kong & US listed companies and has been acquainted with Hong Kong Laws and Listing Rules. He is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. He has extensive experience in both business and operational strategies, start-up businesses, mergers and acquisitions. Philip is a bilingual who speaks and writes English as well as Chinese, including Putonghua and Cantonese.

Jose Paternostro

Jose Paternostro is the Chief Operating Officer of Planet Earth TV, an experienced professional, known for his expertise in company management, acquisitions, consulting, strategic planning, investment evaluation, and advising. He has engaged in high-end contacts in various industries and specialises in the Latin American and Caribbean Markets. As an experienced director, he initiates planning of organisational and commercial structures to penetrate and consolidate a leading position in the gaming industry market. An expert in representing, negotiating and establishing operational contracts in the different jurisdictions in the region.

Gideon Van Kessel

business development executive
Gideon Van Kessel is an independent contractor at Playgon Games, Inc. He is also the CEO and founder of GVK Consulting Group. With more than a decade of experience in operations, logistics, and international business strategy, Gideon works with high-level executives, founders and Board members to build strategic synergies that drive revenue growth, open new markets, and achieve long-standing business objectives. Gideon also provides purchasing, distribution and logistics consulting for construction company Van Kessel Havenbouw N.V., where he created an automated bidding process that eliminated redundancies, improved efficiency and streamlined production.

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