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Resysten® offers an environmentally friendly hygienic protective coating nano-technology that protects surfaces from pathogens, viruses and bacteria for 12 months with one application only.
IDX Games is Asia’s leading supplier of ETG Display Control Systems and Advanced Table Trend Board Solutions. IDX uses a customer-centric approach to problem-solving in the ETG Display market, helping clients achieve their company goals with breakthrough technologies and a pioneering creative design process.
The Logismos CMS offers centralized management of the entire casino or group of casinos, covering all aspects of the casino operation. The system is flexible, scalable, and compliant with international industry standards and regulations.
The KOIN wallet is a full service digital wallet that delivers a seamless player experience from funding to cash-out - improving engagement and offering brand new opportunities for loyalty etc. Modernize your operation today.
The most accurate gunshot detection and localization platform designed to give first responders an unfair advantage and the necessary information to act quickly.
Say hello to Resysten®, the next level of hygiene that offers a clear protective coating with nano-technology

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